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Work for VJU

The VJU system is a media management application for broadcasters and media publishers. It focuses on an easy to use experience for asset upload and management, playlist building, scheduling and delivering for playout on different device types. I was the … Continue reading

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Gegenwartsmaschine and Interaction Moulds Present (Master Thesis)

“Interaction moulds present” is the fundamental assumption of my master thesis What Is Now. Whereas Gegenwartsmaschine is the practical outcome of this theoretical work. Excerpt of the thesis’ abstract The thesis What Is Now searches for a viable concept of … Continue reading

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Pharao’s Escape

A jump’n’run game for Android. The pharao must escape the room before the ceiling is coming down – preferably with many bonus coins collected. The game was created within a programming class at FH Hagenberg. Game mechanics and programming done … Continue reading

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Sonarflow is a visual music browser and player. It features user interface which encourages the exploratory spirit of the user discovery mode to find new artists, similar to the ones you own have in your library already substantial information on … Continue reading

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The 4th Skin

Project concept (in the sense of Bill Buxton rather a sketch) for our fashionable technologies class. My colleague, Mika Kavdanska, and I searched for ways to wrap a person into his environment so that he could carry and exhibit things … Continue reading

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VVVV Gradient

After having done an introductory lecture on VVVV, I tried myself on the Fiducial Tracker and Gradients. The outcome of my own shakey steps in VVVV:

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Polemik Schuh

The project Polemik Schuh was done during my stay in Bremen at Palast der Produktion.

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Palast der Produktion

Since last week friday I am in Bremen, Germany, in the Palast der Produktion. An old factory, where once wool was processed into finest (woollen) yarn, is now a place of colaboration and to advertise new ways of work and … Continue reading

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They are alive!

You never stop learning, especially when you are young and the good old days are way behind you. Apparently the Amiga was a very powerful graphics and animation editing station. I was able to enjoy its amazing capabilities first hand:

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Lichtspeicher is a portable device to scan, store and compile light situations and ultimately play them back on its skin. It is inspired by the work process of impressionist painters, where they would choose a situation, observe it, understand its … Continue reading

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