Work for VJU

The VJU system is a media management application for broadcasters and media publishers. It focuses on an easy to use experience for asset upload and management, playlist building, scheduling and delivering for playout on different device types.

I was the lead interaction designer and quality assurance for the delivered GUI, in a team of 1 front-end and 3 back-end developers and 1 product manager.

The work on the system comprised all steps from designing up to readying for implementation of small elements like save button with feedback as well as complete new components like a comprehensive control room to monitor all playout channels for errors.

Cloud Control Room

This component was a major new addition to the VJU system. It is a central place to collect all messages and errors of any component in the production pipeline of a channel – from asset repository upload to the encoder to the playout machine and several other components involved.

The basic scenario for the design was for the user to see 1. is there an error, 2. where is that error in the pipline, 3. what exactly is the error and 4. offer possibilities to fix the error.

Admin Control Panel

The Admin Control Panel (ACP) – working title User Management/UserMM – which is a client and user management interface, was another large addition to the VJU System.

The ACP was also used as a design playground for alternative navigation concepts for the whole VJU system, as the ACP was not supposed to be delivered to a customer immediately after implementation.Thus we experimented with a combination of breadcrumbs and tabs which relied heavily on a live search feature.
Design and development then were interupted by the Cloud Control Room. When picked up the ACP again time pressure was higher and we decided to revert to the navigation currently used in the VJU system.


Other controls and UI elements

Finally, a small collection of some additions and alterations that were made to the VJU system.

First example is a field added to a channel’s settings page, to easily copy the playercode. The playercode is necessary to set up the connection between VJU system and playout machine.

We had to add time zone support to the VJU system for programmers to easily understand when they need to schedule a playlist to play it out in a different time zone than theirs.

Another example was an improvement of the sliders for adjusting the timings of graphics overlays, as both were overlapping if they were close to each other. While sketching we went for a barrel picker. Later we found a viable solution to keep the bar and its sliders without the overlap.


GUI and Interaction Designer Ulf Harr was a strong support in many of the development steps for Cloud Control Room, Admin Control Panel and the new color scheme for the VJU System.

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