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Budget cuts at Austrian universities

Beginning of autumn this year new protests arose against the planned budget cuts in the sectors of family support, nursing and education. Protests were planned all over Austria and meetings held to deliberate the actions which could be taken to … Weiterlesen

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Stadtwache in its natural habitat

Free exhibition space, 24 hours and no ideas. Excellent preconditions to create a piece of art. So you sit down under the sun and wait for the inspiration to pass by. And it literally did.

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Der Beweis…

„Der Beweis für Dinge, die nicht gesagt wurden“ is an interactive public installation which deals with racism in every day life. Our team of three people (Shervin Afshar, David Brunnthaler, me) installed a telephone booth on the Nibelungenbrücke, Linz. It … Weiterlesen

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