Games Workshop II – Gorilla Chest Drummer

Last week we had a Workshop on tangible game interfaces chiefly made out of textiles. Groups had to develop ideas for a game and its interface.

Gorilla Chest Drummer Team

My mates and me came up with the idea of the Gorilla Chest Drummer. A simple game in which two players with hairy gorilla chest bras face each other and drum their chests to charge their Gorilla-Vigor-Meter™. When it is fully charged – three LEDs will glow, the player is able to hit the other player on his shoulder and score a point. The player who scorse three times first wins.
If the charging is not complete the hit will not count. While the player is not drumming his chest the Meter will discharge. Thus the opponent player has a chance to evade the attack, charge up his Gorilla-Vigor-Meter©™ in that same moment and go charge an counter-attack.When a player scores a LED on his Gorilla-Triumph-Meter©®™ will light up and his Gorilla-Vigor-Meter©™®∞ is discharged.
The victorious gorilla will be rewarded with a banana.