Workshop: Die Zeit und das Denken

Die Zeit und das Denken“ (Time and Thinking) was the topic of a workshop in the International Academy Traunkirchen which I took part in early September.

Our host was Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger who had invited a diverse mixture of researchers. To inspire and direct the discussions the senior fellows presented their up to date research.

Time as understood in physics, how do we know that time passes, rhythms/clocks in living beings, current viewpoints of brain research were the discussed main topics, besides a constant spry exchange of ideas branching of from these topics.

Generally said the few days gave me immense input for my further work and many thoughts to be contemplated.

Invited participants of the workshop "Die Zeit und das Denken".

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Video of Der Beweis für Dinge, die nicht gesagt wurden

This is a pre-final version of our short video for last year’s project „Der Beweis für Dinge, die nicht gesagt wurden

A short video documentation – without commenting sublines yet – on the publicly accessable interactive installation two of my study mates and I worked on summer 2010.
The telephone would ring every now and then, asking the pedestrian to pick up the receiver. If he or she did so the user may listen to a recorded account of a racist incident in Austria.

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Lack of Updates

Recently there has been a lack of updates. I’m taking an internship at Native Instruments until the end of August.

What may come afterwards… Who knows…

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Der Beweis wins City Of Cultures award

Short ago the project won one of the eight fundings of the City Of Cultures award of the city of Linz in the category “Sociocultural Integration of Migrants in Linz”.

The awarding ceremony was hold on January 19th 2011 in the Old Townhall of Linz.

A complete listing of all awarded projects can be found on the official website of the city of Linz.

Take a closer look at the project:

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Bachelor Thesis

Conceputalizing switiching elements for the FH Joanneum’s experimental flightsimulator JFS² is the title of my bachelor thesis.

The paper is the result of the first collaboration of the faculties of Aviation and Information Design at the university of applied sciences FH Joanneum. The objective of this cooperation was to create a library of switches which can be used trouble-free on the new touchscreen interface of the experimental flight simulator JFS². In the future this library, respectively collection, shall provide the right switch for different functionalities within the cockpit without time consuming tests.
Thus the newly conceptualized switches were created out of a development process which reaches from a basic research over conception phase, two testing phases to the final library of switches. The thesis is an overview and summary of all these phases of development.


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Budget cuts at Austrian universities

Beginning of autumn this year new protests arose against the planned budget cuts in the sectors of family support, nursing and education.
Protests were planned all over Austria and meetings held to deliberate the actions which could be taken to change the plans for the budget.
Usually one needs people to do so and people need to know when things are happening. Posters are still the weapon of choice:

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Stadtwache in its natural habitat

Free exhibition space, 24 hours and no ideas.
Excellent preconditions to create a piece of art.
So you sit down under the sun and wait for the inspiration to pass by.
And it literally did.


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Pizzabox Popup Catalogue

This years catalogue for the Interface Culture Exhibition on the Ars Electronica Festival was done in collaboration with my colleague Vesela Mihalova and me. Following her visual guideline a concept for the catalogue was developed which reflected this year’s motto of Interface Culture.


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Der Beweis…

Der Beweis für Dinge, die nicht gesagt wurden“ is an interactive public installation which deals with racism in every day life.

Our team of three people (Shervin Afshar, David Brunnthaler, me) installed a telephone booth on the Nibelungenbrücke, Linz. It rings from time to time asking passers-by to pick up the phone. If they do so they may listen to a report of a racist incident which happend somewhere in Austria.
The reports are recorded and published every year by ZARA (, an anti-racism organisation based in Vienna.

Thank you, guys! Weiterlesen

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Hasen fressen Strassen

This is some old illustration, which I once made for the monthly Bak Magazine design contest. It was presented in issue No. 6. The subject was „Yol/Road“.

Entry for Bak Dergisi No.6 contest

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